Ready set takeoff

Ready set takeoff

Travelling interstate couldn’t have been easier with the DINO bag. We recently travelled with Virgin Australia to Cairns and decided to take our DINO bag as carry on. It was used to carry my own personal items including my handbag, lots of snacks for the kids, nappies and wipes, drink bottles, toys and more.

Getting to the airport with the DINO bag was a breeze, the bag fit perfectly on top of our carry on suitcase, we just flipped the strap over the extendable handle and because the DINO bag has a flat bottom it stayed in place while we wheeled our carry-on luggage through the airport.

Because the bag is an open tote style I decided to use luggage organisers to secure the smaller items from falling out when placed under the seat in front, you could also use a smaller bag inside the DINO bag whilst travelling to prevent items falling out. The DINO bag was so handy during the flight, we had easy access to all the items we needed as a family.

When we arrived at Cairns the bag was then used as our main day trip bag, pool bag and beach bag. It was so handy to have a bag on holidays that could carry all of our towels, sunscreen, snacks, drinks, nappies and wipes, beach/pool toys, personal items and more. 

We will definitely be taking our DINO bag on our next interstate or international holiday!

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