Farm House

Farm House

We recently purchased and renovated a country cottage to enjoy as a holiday retreat.

We have had to completely furnish and set up this cottage and have been making several trips back and forwards to complete the look.

After acquiring a DINO bag I have found this sturdy, attractive and spacious bag to be a favourite for carrying all sorts of things back and forth. It neatly accommodates a variety of different objects from food, to clothing, toiletries, dog bowls and containers.  Even bottles of wine and beer.  I am amazed at what I can fit in the DINO bag and how neatly it fits behind the front seat in the car. Even if I put it in the boot it doesn’t move around or fall over, making it perfect for bringing my bottles of wine home.

I am so happy with the DINO bag that I will be purchasing at least one more. Versatile and easy to carry I recommend the DINO bag to everyone.



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